Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head 2 Channel 50 Watts


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Introducing the Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head, a powerhouse of tone and versatility that brings the iconic Friedman sound to your fingertips. Designed by legendary amp guru Dave Friedman, this 2-channel amplifier head delivers 50 watts of pure tube-driven power, allowing you to unleash your creativity and achieve the perfect tone for any musical style or genre.


  1. Powerful Tube Amplification: The Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head harnesses the power of tubes to deliver rich, dynamic, and harmonically rich tones. With its 50-watt output, this amplifier head provides ample headroom for both stage and studio environments, ensuring your guitar cuts through the mix with clarity and authority.
  2. Two Versatile Channels: Experience the flexibility of two distinct channels – the Clean and the Dirty. The Clean channel offers pristine, sparkling tones with warm cleans and shimmering highs, while the Dirty channel delivers a wide range of overdriven and saturated tones, from smooth crunch to high-gain saturation.
  3. Responsive Tone Controls: Fine-tune your sound with precision using the amplifier’s responsive tone controls. The three-band EQ allows you to shape your bass, mid, and treble frequencies, while the presence control adds clarity and definition to your overall tone.
  4. Studio-Quality Reverb: The built-in studio-quality reverb adds depth and dimension to your sound, providing a lush ambience that enhances your playing experience. From subtle and subtle reflections to spacious reverberations, the reverb effect complements your playing style and adds a professional touch to your sound.
  5. Speaker Outputs and Impedance Selection: The Friedman Small Box Amplifier Head offers multiple speaker outputs and impedance selection, allowing you to connect a variety of speaker cabinets and customize your setup to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a single 4×12 cabinet or multiple speaker configurations, this amplifier head accommodates your needs.
  6. Effects Loop: The amplifier’s effects loop provides a dedicated pathway for your external effects pedals, ensuring optimal signal integrity and preserving the integrity of your tone. Connect your favorite modulation, delay, or reverb pedals seamlessly and take your sound to new sonic heights.
  7. Built to Last: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality components, the Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head is built to withstand the rigors of the road and countless hours of intense playing. From the sturdy construction to the robust electronics, this amplifier head is designed for reliability and longevity.
  8. Footswitch Compatibility: The amplifier head is compatible with a footswitch (sold separately) for convenient channel switching and reverb control. Focus on your performance and seamlessly switch between channels and activate/deactivate the reverb effect without interrupting your playing.

Benefits and Features:

  1. Iconic Friedman Tone: Experience the legendary Friedman tone that has captivated guitarists worldwide. From sparkling cleans to blistering high-gain tones, this amplifier head delivers the signature sound that has become synonymous with quality and versatility.
  2. Dynamic Response: The tube-driven design of the Friedman Small Box ensures a responsive and touch-sensitive playing experience. The amplifier responds to your playing dynamics, allowing you to achieve expressive and nuanced performances with ease.
  3. Versatility for All Genres: Whether you play rock, blues, country, or metal, the Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head covers a wide range of musical genres. Its versatile channels, tone controls, and dynamic range make it suitable for any playing style or musical preference.
  4. Stage and Studio Ready: With its 50 watts of power, this amplifier head is equally at home on stage and in the studio. Its powerful output ensures that your guitar cuts through the mix, whether you’re performing live or recording tracks in the studio.
  5. Exceptional Build Quality: The Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Its rugged construction and reliable components ensure that it can withstand the demands of touring and intensive use.
  6. Classic Design: Featuring a classic design reminiscent of vintage amplifier heads, the Small Box is a visually appealing addition to any guitar rig. Its timeless aesthetics evoke a sense of nostalgia while delivering modern tones and functionality.

Unleash your guitar’s true potential with the Friedman Small Box Guitar Amplifier Head. Experience the iconic Friedman tone, versatile channels, and outstanding build quality that has made Friedman amplifiers the choice of discerning guitarists worldwide. From pristine cleans to high-gain mayhem, this amplifier head is ready to ignite your creativity and elevate your playing to new heights.


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